It began with a walk in the woods. Breathing was easier and so was emptying my mind of worry.
I recorded small moments in nature so others could share the peace. From a glade filled with ferns golden in the evening light to a tiny flower blazing with fleeting glory. As time went by I realized how fragile all of this beauty was and felt such a need to protect it. I decided to paint my favorite trees- some towering in the midst of a storm, others quiet in moonlight- in the hopes that they would arouse the same protective spirit in others.
In my studio I lay down many thin glazes of oil paint to create luminous deep surfaces on the canvas, to evoke the fragility of our natural world. The careful compositions help the viewer to focus on the loveliness of each preserved moment of time.
We have great power, you and I. Join me in treasuring our resources so that everyone can enjoy them.

Carin Wagner Fine Art